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Who's Gonna Love Me Now? 15 rating

A heartfelt exploration of one man’s struggle to reconcile with his Israeli family, while finding a new ‘family’ in London Gay Men’s Chorus.

Documentary 2017 86 mins

Director: Tomer Heymann and Barak Heymann



Saar is an Israeli living in London, driven away from his Kibbutz by his family’s response to his homosexuality and HIV-positive status, but also by his own fear of rejection. The lure of home and family is deep-rooted, however, and although he’s made a new life for himself within the close-knit, loving community of London Gay Men’s Chorus, he yearns for acceptance from his parents and siblings, in particular his stern father.

Following Saar in the UK and his Israeli-based family over many years, the Heymann Brothers skilfully construct an intimate and nuanced portrait of a man growing up and coming to terms both with himself and his family, just as they do him. It’s a tender but affirmative exploration of the LGBT migrant experience and an assertion that minds and attitudes only change through communication.