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Two on the Tiles PG rating

Herbert Lom (The Pink Panther series) stars in John Guillermin’s wicked satire about a married couple, their possible indiscretions, and the butler who’s out to blackmail them.

Comedy 1951 72 mins

Director: John Guillermin


John Guillermin directs this marriage farce featuring a trifecta of humorous characters and performances. Herbert Lom stars as Ford, a butler to Dick and Janet Lawson. The couple are happily married but, after being separated for a few days, feel tempted by other partners. Lord learns of their possible indiscretions and tries to take advantage of the couple through blackmail in this British satire armed with wicked bite.

Two on the Tiles was one of three films Guillermin shot back-to-back at Walton Studios in the 1950’s with Vandyke Productions, along with The Smart Aleck (1951) and Four Days (1951). Lom would go on to a wide and varied career in British cinema, most notably in the Pink Panther series as Chief Inspector Dreyfus opposite Peter Sellers’ Clouseau.