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The Hunting of the Snark

“Live animation” of Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poem adventure from the maker of Captain Pugwash

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1967 24 mins Not rated

Director: Diana Potter


Animated specials were a popular Christmas tradition long before The Snowman. On Boxing Day 1967 the ITV audience were presented with this delightful version of Lewis Carroll’s epic nonsense poem from the makers of Captain Pugwash. John Ryan’s patented “live animation” technique involves a large number of cleverly designed scenes with articulated cut-out characters with moving arms, mouths and eyes as the scenes required.

Though the technique is more puppetry than animation, the resulting programmes benefit from the immediacy of performance. The first episodes of Captain Pugwash actually were broadcast live, but even the telerecorded episodes still required the careful planning and coordination of performers and cameras normally associated with filmed theatre.