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The Day Shall Come 15 rating

An impoverished Miami preacher is lured into terrorism by the FBI, in the latest explosive satire from comedy genius Chris Morris.

Comedy 2019 88 mins

Director: Christopher Morris



Chris Morris’ much-awaited follow-up to Four Lions is another explosive satire and sure-fire cult comedy classic. Newcomer Marchánt Davis plays an impoverished Miami preacher who’s offered cash to save his family from eviction. However, his kind sponsor is actually an operative of the FBI who has plans to turn him into a criminal by fuelling his revolutionary dreams.

Operating in similar terrain to Four Lions but with much broader ambition and scope, Morris' US-set lampoon of the concept of modern 'homeland security' is a raucous and rapid-fire black comedy. Boasting a super-sharp script from Succession showrunner Jesse Armstrong and fellow Veep collaborators Tony Roche and Sean Gray, The Day Shall Come is brimming with the deliciously absurdist one-liners and stinging satire with which Morris made his name.