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Reality 12 rating

Tina Satter uses dialogue taken directly from an FBI transcript of the real-life interrogation of Reality Winner (Sydney Sweeney), in this nail-biting directorial debut.

Drama 2022 83 mins

Director: Tina Satter



On a sunny Saturday afternoon in 2017, an intelligence contractor and part time yoga-instructor, Reality, pulls up to her home to find herself confronted by the FBI. A cryptic conversation begins. In her directorial debut, adapted from her stage play Is This a Room, Tina Satter uses only dialogue taken directly from the FBI’s transcript of the real-life interrogation of Reality Winner. An alternately nail-biting and banal, darkly funny and surreal scene unfolds. Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria, The White Lotus) is incredible as Reality, delivering her most rich and emotionally layered performance yet.