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The Belstone Fox PG rating

Based on David Rook’s 1970 novel, The Belstone Fox tells the heartwarming and funny story of Tag, a fox saved from the woods and raised by huntsman Asher.

Drama 1973 103 mins

Director: James Hill


Based on David Rook’s 1970 novel (The Ballad of the Belstone Fox), director James Hill has created a warm, funny, and imaginative adaptation that will delight the whole family. Tag is a fox that has been saved from the wild by huntsman Asher (Eric Porter), and befriends Asher’s litter of puppies. The creatures co-exist in an adventure that may be about animals, but proves to be deeply human in emotion.

James Hill’s adaptation features an ensemble cast of British character actors, including Porter and Jeremy Kemp, as well as the real-life animals that steal the show in this 1973 children’s film.