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Peril for the Guy U rating

In the run up to November the 5th, kids collecting coins for their living Guy foil a dastardly plot to steal an amazing new oil detection machine.

Children's 1956 56 mins

Director: James Hill


The thoroughly irresponsible activities of adults and children involving fireworks seen in this 1956 film would not meet with anybody's approval today. But the past is very much another place, and this fast-paced Children's Film Foundation thriller now offers a fascinating window into another era, where attitudes to incendiary entertainments were very different indeed.

A keen cast approach their roles with gusto in this slick tale of adventure from top-notch director James Hill, a film hugely revealing of just how much attitudes to children and fireworks have changed over the decades. Among the juvenile leads, Frazer Hines (later of Doctor Who and Emmerdale Farm fame), Amanda Coxall and Chris Warbey are all excellent, but special honours must go to young Ali Alleney, surely the greatest, grumpiest Guy Fawkes impersonator ever to grace the silver screen.