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Tarka the Otter PG rating

The classic family film, based on Henry Williamson’s beloved book, follows the titular animal’s wild adventures as narrated by Peter Ustinov.

Drama 1976 92 mins

Director: David Cobham


A family film favourite upon its release, Tarka the Otter is an entertaining and gripping story from director David Cobham. Following the titular creature, the film finds our hero adventuring through the wild, coming into contact with other creatures, obstacles, and situations. Narrated with warmth by Peter Ustinov and featuring a moving, memorable film score by David Fanshawe, Cobham’s film is a natural, wholesome delight.

Based on the beloved novel by Henry Williamson, Tarka the Otter established itself as such a firm favourite it earned a place on Channel 4’s list of 100 Greatest Family Films.