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Seat in Shadow 18 rating

An ageing Glaswegian psychoanalyst finds his lust for life renewed following an encounter with the charismatic partner of a young patient.

Drama 2016 81 mins

Director: Henry Coombes


Scottish artist-filmmaker Henry Coombes delivers a Glasgow-set debut of anarchic delights. Albert (David Sillars, who co-created the story) is an ageing gay bohemian, an artist and part-time psychoanalyst, and a disciple of Carl Jung (whose spirit speaks to Albert through his cherished houseplant). When his salty, foul-mouthed old friend asks him to counsel her Twinkie grandson Ben, whose boyfriend troubles are causing deep psychic trauma, Albert reluctantly agrees. Cherubic Ben is at first suspicious of Albert’s unconventional methods. But soon, both patient and therapist begin to have a profound effect on each other.

Beautifully shot by upcoming cinematographer David C Liddell, Seat in Shadow is defiantly original British queer cinema from an exciting new talent.