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Sammy's Super T-shirt U rating

Puny young Sammy gets a super-strength makeover when his lucky t-shirt is imbued with special powers, in this classic from Children’s Film Foundation.

Children's 1978 58 mins

Director: Jeremy Summers



Sammy dreams of becoming a super athlete, despite his puny build. When his lucky training t-shirt is thrown into a scientist's lab it becomes imbued with 'super strength' power. When Sammy manages to recover the t-shirt he uses his new-found strength to out-run baddies and bullies alike.

One of the best-loved efforts from the Children’s Film Foundation, Sammy’s Super T-shirt is fondly remembered for its sparkly theme song (by Harry Robinson and Frank Godwin) and despite its 1970s vibe the film won a new generation of admirers via its TV repeats during the 1980s.