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First Man into Space PG rating

A young pilot becomes the first person to fly into outer space, but returns mutilated and thirsty for blood...

Horror 1958 76 mins

Director: Robert Day


The mysteries of outer space are vividly exploited in this British-American horror sci-fi. Daredevil pilot Dan Prescott becomes the first man to fly into outer space - but he is exposed to cosmic rays and when his rocket returns to Earth, he seems to have vanished. Dan's brother Chuck assumes the worst, until hearing reports that a blood-thirsty creature is terrorising the area.

Released three years before Yuri Gagarin became the first actual man into space, this transatlantic monster movie channels the scientific curiosity that drove the then on-going space race. Laden with shocking thrills, it underlines the terrifying uncertainties we still possess about the outer cosmos.