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Final Cut

Oscar-winning director Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) pays tribute to moviemaking and behind-the-scenes farce in his adaptation of the cult Japanese zombie comedy One Cut of the Dead.

Comedy 2022 112 mins Not rated

Director: Michel Hazanavicius


“Cheap, fast and decent” French director Rémi (Romain Duris) is approached by a Japanese producer to film a single-take 30-minute zombie horror movie that will be livestreamed to a global audience. When the crew are unexpectedly attacked by actual zombies during filming, we are taken behind the scenes to witness the moments – and mishaps – that led up to this unusual turn of events.

Adapted from the cult Japanese zombie comedy One Cut of the Dead (2017), Michel Hazanavicius pays tribute to the improvised and collaborative nature of low-budget moviemaking, as well as the frenetic chaos and clumsiness that comes with it. With his real-life partner Bérénice Bejo and daughter Simone Hazanavicius playing the on-screen director’s wife and child, he plunges us even further into this entertaining and gleefully silly film-within-a-film.