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Back to the Future Part III PG rating

In the series’ final entry, Marty travels back to 1885 to rescue Doc but becomes similarly stuck in the Western era when the DeLorean runs out of gas.

Comedy 1990 118 mins

Director: Robert Zemeckis



In the final entry of the trilogy, Marty travels back to 1885 after learning that Doc has become trapped in the Wild West, but finds himself similarly stuck there when the DeLorean runs out of gas.

Robert Zemeckis’ shrewd and satisfying conclusion to the trilogy cleverly fuses the series’ sci-fi elements with an affectionate homage to screen westerns. Doc and Marty still find themselves entangled with their antecedents, including Biff’s great-grandfather Buford Tannen, but there’s a further complexity when Doc unexpectedly falls for a local dame, Clara Clayton (Mary Steenburgen). The result is an old-fashioned yarn that feels refreshingly distinct from the earlier films while retaining the series’ essential charm.