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Back to the Future Part II PG rating

Marty McFly and Doc return for the fast-paced sequel that flits between 2015, 1955 and an alternate 1985 where the dastardly Biff has become rich and powerful.

Comedy 1989 108 mins

Director: Robert Zemeckis



Setting off precisely where the previous film ended, Marty, Doc and Jennifer travel to 2015 to settle the problems of the McFly kids, only for Biff to steal the DeLorean and hand his 1955 self a priceless sporting almanac. In a neat spin on It’s a Wonderful Life, the trio return to an alternate 1985 where Biff has become rich and turned Hill Valley into his own fiefdom.

The second instalment to one of the most popular – and consistently entertaining – of Hollywood trilogies.