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Another Time, Another Place 15 rating

Michael Radford (Il Postino) directs this war-time drama set in Scotland. The passions of a young housewife are aroused by the arrival of an Italian POW.

Drama 1983 101 mins

Director: Michael Radford


In Scotland during World War II, Janie is a young housewife married to Dougal, a man 15 years her senior. As part of a war rehabilitation program, Janie and Dougal welcome three Italian P.O.W.'s to work on their farm and Janie soon falls in love and begins an affair with one of them, a man called Luigi.

Director Michael Radford scored an international hit with the Italian-language Il Postino in 1994. Just over a decade earlier he expressed interest in Italian communities with this thoughtful and sumptuously filmed romantic drama.