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Anatomy of a Fall 15 rating

Justine Triet's gripping, Palme d'Or-winning psycho-thriller is deeply intelligent with a spellbinding performance from Sandra Hüller.

Crime 2023 152 mins

Director: Justine Triet



Sandra is a cool, successful novelist. Her husband Samuel is a fellow writer but his creative pursuits have stalled while he dedicates himself towards raising their young son, and converting their home in the French Alps. While carrying out this work, Samuel is found in the snow, appearing to have fallen from the attic window - or was he pushed? Sandra finds herself, all the intricacies of her life and her relationship with her husband put on trial.

Thoroughly charged with riveting authentic courtroom scenes, Triet's film is much more than a crime mystery, it is a masterclass in nuanced storytelling, flowing with fascinating, well observed examinations of relationship dynamics and perceptions of unconventional women. At the powerful heart of the film, Hüller delivers a magnificently complex performance, kindling both sympathy and suspicion for the enigmatic Sandra.