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A Deal With The Universe 15 rating

This extraordinarily intimate documentary from Jason Barker tells the inspiring tale of a very different kind of pregnancy.

Documentary 2019 92 mins

Director: Jason Barker



In his debut film, assembled entirely from home video footage shot over the course of a decade, Jason Barker tells the fascinating story of being a pregnant trans male and he and his partner Tracey's inspiring journey to conceive. Charting the early days of the couple’s relationship and their struggles to get pregnant, we witness a series of setbacks that led the pair to radically re-think their plans and take a road far less anticipated.

Told with absolute candour and disarming honesty, Barker’s extraordinarily intimate and profoundly moving documentary details the tragedies and triumphs this irrepressible couple faced along the way. And the results are wonderful – warm, funny, sad and often completely unexpected. This is a tender film, but it still packs one hell of an emotional punch, offering rich insights into the complexities of gender identity and the fraught emotions that come with impending parenthood. But perhaps more than anything, it is the story of one truly incredible family.