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A Century of French Cinema

Six regions, six films appraised for cultural and historical meaning. Produced by Jean-Luc Godard.

Documentary 1995 50 mins Not rated

Director: Anne-Marie Miéville


Jean-Luc Godard produced this ambitious project, directed by his wife, Anne-Marie Miéville. Travelling around six regions (each of which featured in a classic film) he interviews young locals to consider the films, the region and their significance, if any, for them.

`2 x 50 years of French cinema' (1995, 52 mins., English subtitles) directed by Anne-Marie Miéville and Jean-Luc Godard, was produced by BFI TV in association with Peripheria (Suisse) and La Sept/Arte. Jean-Luc Godard meets with the president of France's First Century of Cinema, Michel Piccoli in the restaurant of an unnamed hotel and confronts him with his theory that French cinema has been forgotten. The president tests the theory on the staff of the hotel and leaves in a state of disillusionment, pursued by 1001 phantoms from his own fond memories.