The Dark Arts

Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?
The Death of Satan could have been a tragedy for the imagination, had he ever gone away... Faustian pacts are still legal tender in today's world, and alchemists just transformed into mad scientists, led by the inimitable Dr Frankenstein. But there's a problem with evil, and among film's most powerful demons, the demonised can also be found. Witches were tortured and killed by religious interrogators, but what if their magic was not so very black after all? Mankind's inhumanity and lust for power are usually the tell-tale heart of these stories of obsession, evil, the macabre, and the unknown darkness of the mind.
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Horror1977101 minsDirector: Dario Argento

Dario Argento’s phantasmagoric gothic nightmare blends operatic violence, disorienting dream logic and hyper-real visuals to create a horror classic.

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Frankenstein Frankenstein

Horror193170 minsDirector: James Whale

The gothic horror that ushered in a wave of cinematic terror, starring Boris Karloff as the reconstructed monster with a human soul.

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The Tell-Tale HeartThe Tell-Tale Heart

Horror200411 minsDirector: Stephanie Sinclaire

What's under those floorboards? A man is driven to murder in a modern retelling of Edgar Allan Poe's ghoulish story shot by the legendary cinematographer Jack Cardiff.

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Witchfinder GeneralWitchfinder General

Horror196887 minsDirector: Michael Reeves

A witchfinder traverses 17th-century England executing those he suspects of witchcraft.

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Where Has Poor Mickey GoneWhere Has Poor Mickey Gone

56 minsDirector: Gerry Levy

A fairground showman (Warren Mitchell) exacts a terrible revenge upon the hooligans who terrorise him in this haunting tale of mystery and magic

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Night of the EagleNight of the Eagle

Horror196284 minsDirector: Sidney Hayers

A sceptical professor falls prey to diabolical evil when he burns his wife's protective magic charms.

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The Fall of the House of UsherThe Fall of the House of Usher

Horror195071 minsDirector: Ivan Barnett

An eerie British version of the classic Poe chiller, strong enough for a rare 'H' (for Horrific) certificate.

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Horror197291 minsDirector: Don Sharp

The greatest zombie-biker, toad-worshipping-Satanists horror in British cinema is an undisputed cult classic brimming with exciting action and fantastical mayhem.

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The WitchesThe Witches

98 minsDirector: Cyril Frankel

Joan Fontaine stars as an ex-missionary drawn to investigate the sinister undercurrents beneath the surface of English village life.