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The Tell-Tale Heart

What's under those floorboards? A man is driven to murder in a modern retelling of Edgar Allan Poe's ghoulish story shot by the legendary cinematographer Jack Cardiff.

Horror 2004 11 mins Not rated

Director: Stephanie Sinclaire


Set in the late 19th Century, a man obsesses about his neighbour's 'vulture eye' and spies on him at night, slowly intruding into his room under cover of darkness. When a ray of light falls on the offending eye, our protagonist is driven to murder in an act of triumph over the 'evil eye'. As the police investigate, the man sits directly above the floorboards beneath which the victim lies. All goes well, until the man hears a tapping sound. Is it his imagination, or the thud of the dead man's heart? The thud becomes a thump and then a drum beat ... Shot by Jack Cardiff.