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Year of the Disabled

Counterpoint explores how government policy measures up to the reality of the country’s mobility needs.

Documentary 1981 20 mins


Dissatisfaction is rife as the Ministry of Health withdraws the motorised trikes supplied and maintained on the NHS for people with mobility issues. Despite the scheme closing the year of this film, Invacars could still be seen on the road until a complete ban in 2003. Due to safety concerns they were called in and the government crushed about 50 cars a week. These motorised trikes are now museum pieces and collectors’ items symbolising a post war attempt to improve mobility.

This is an episode of Counterpoint, Ulster Television's landmark current affairs series, which was also broadcast to a national audience on Channel 4. Series’ editor, Derek Murray describes Counterpoint as addressing a “wide range of social concerns which affect every family in Ulster.” Of the 282 episodes that were broadcast from 1978-1996, only a handful are believed to have survived. This material is Courtesy of the UTV Archive.