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Water On The Brain

Are you a yachter or windmill lover? Maybe you’re a twitcher, or a painter? An amateur film about those ‘daft hobbyists’ who love Broadland.

Amateur film 1955 13 mins

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J.D. Butcher's film was the ‘first time entrant’ winner in the 1955 Competition of the Amateur Cinematographers, and shows the “few daft reasons for those who like Broadland”. From the gentle yachters and speedboat racers, windmill lovers, artists who capture the landscape on canvas, bird watchers, anglers, and the ‘lazers’, whose simple pleasure is to idle away the day on the placid waterways, for on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads visitors have "water on the brain".

Amateur filmmaker, I.A.C. member Mr J.D. Butcher was known by his middle name, Douglas. He was founder of Starline Paints, and was an accomplished artist in oil painting.