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Tie and Dye

A snazzy intro to the ancient textile-dyeing technique taking the 70s fashion world by storm.

Cinemagazine 1970 3 mins


Join Anne Maile, author of Tie and Dye as a Present Day Craft, for a snazzy introduction to the ancient fabric-dyeing technique sweeping the fashion scene. Can't afford the ready-made versions sported by the energetically flailing models? No problem, Anne is on hand for a no-fuss demo of this most democratic of crafts, beloved of 60s psychedelics, 90s ravers and countless junior school art classes in between. Tie dye still crops up on the catwalk - and high street - today, channelling the DIY aesthetic into big business.

This item was used in the Central Office of Information-sponsored cinemagazines Living Tomorrow and Tomorrow Today, intended to promote Britain to overseas audiences. Filmmaker Peter Greenaway was on editing duty - one of several jobs for the COI early in his career.