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Walk around Folkestone

Folkestone on foot is the subject of this quirky and mysterious film from the 1980s which hints that there is a lot more to the town than just a ferry terminal.

Amateur film 1985 5 mins Silent

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This unusual film takes the viewer on a walkabout through a Folkestone that's scarcely seen by most travellers to the town. A man looks down on the ferry terminal through a telescope before focussing on a statue of the scientist, William Harvey. He next walks along handsome Georgian streets and lanes, visiting a church along the way, before emerging onto a quaint cobbled street lined with shops. The man revisits Harvey's statue while boys feed pigeons in the churchyard.

The physician, William Harvey, was born in Folkestone in 1578. He was the first scientist to accurately describe the role of the heart in the circulation of blood around the human body.