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The Shrine of Seven Lamps

In this thrilling final episode, evil Fu-Manchu's pet marmoset leads sleuth Petrie to a secret Si-Fan ceremony. Is the Devil Doctor's game now up?

Action and Adventure 1923 24 mins Silent


This final episode of the adventure serial The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu has an eerie dreamlike quality, thanks to its original colour tints. Haunted by strange dreams of the evil Fu-Manchu, Dr Petrie follows the arch-villain's pet marmoset to a weird Si-Fan ceremony - the Shrine of the Seven Lamps. With sleuths Petrie and Nayland Smith hot on Fu-Manchu's trail, it looks like the Devil Doctor has been run to ground…or has he?

Though Fu-Manchu's plot for world domination is thwarted here, the Devil Doctor would return, with loads more evil schemes, in books and on screen, for decades to come.