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The Nudists

Country House offers naturists a way to air all.

Current affairs 1971 9 mins

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News reporters Tony and Sally Adams visit a nudist centre at a country hotel in South Devon. The beach at Slapton Sands Nature Reserve and nearby Pilchard Cove have been frequented by nudist bathers for decades. Naturists advocate acceptance of social nudity and enjoy embracing the great outdoors through walking in the woods, relaxing on the beach, swimming in the pool and nude sea bathing. Locals turn a blindish eye and maintain that there is nothing wrong with nudism.

In 1970 International Naturist Federation held its annual congress in Britain. The first annual naturist world congress was held in London in 1951 although the International Naturist Federation (INF) was officially founded in 1953 in Montalivet in France. British Naturism can trace its origins back to 1891 and the Fellowship for the Naked Trust in British India. In 1922 the English Gymnosophical Society was formed based on the work into naturism of Harold Booth. The British Sun Bathers Association (BSBA) of 1943 and the Federation of British Sun Clubs (FBSC) of 1953 merged to form the Central Council for British Naturism (CCBN) in 1964 which officially became British Naturism in 2009.