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The Dream of Arthur Sleap

Dangerously addicted to boring old movies? This is a case for Dr BFI, as demonstrated in this 1970s animated promo

Advert 1972 1 mins


Are you dangerously addicted to boring old movies? The BFI was nearing its fortieth year of curing such an affliction when this animated promotional film was made to sell its virtues. Another 40+ years on and the features highlighted here are still very familiar today, although - Spoiler Alert! - BFI Membership and subscription no longer costs £3.

The film was made by Alan Kitching whose studies in architecture had been distracted by a growing interest in animation in the late 1960s. His development of the Antics software from 1972 onwards was a pioneering effort to put computer animation within the easy reach of all artists – note the computer animated BFI logo at the end of this film.