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The Charlton Boys

Terrific portrait of Bobby and Jackie Charlton, pillars of football history, at the height of their playing careers

Documentary 1968 54 mins


The story of Jack and Bobby Charlton, even during their playing days - as seen in this 1968 documentary - is one of legend. And yet, as is revealed, its roots are modest and earthy. An off-shoot of the Milburn footballing dynasty, the Charlton boys are a disparate pair both on and off the pitch. What links them, other than their love of the game, is their heritage. Without football they would most probably have worked side-by-side in Ashlington mine, together with their father.

Alongside Bobby's moving recollection of the Munich air crash which killed many of his team mates a decade earlier, it's the footage of Bob Charlton Snr that's the emotional heart of the programme. His stoic presence is unchanged by the achievements of his sporting sons. Sadly less is seen of their mother Cissie, who brought the football pedigree to the mix. For fans of Leeds or their Manchester rivals it's probably the behind-the-scenes footage of the teams at work, rest and play (including the United Trilogy of Best, Charlton and Law) that's most priceless.