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Tennis is a tricky business

Controversy over plans for Hartley Park Tennis Club in Plymouth

Sport 1983 4 mins

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TV reporter Peter Barraclough examines the proposals for Hartley Park Tennis Club in Plymouth. The improved facilities were down to a grant from Plymouth City Council and were aimed at keeping the public courts open. The facility is free but moves for it to be run by a private club, the Carhullen Lawn Tennis Club have some users of the public courts outraged. Carhullen Tennis Club was on the Lockington Avenue site in Hartley and is now part of Hill Lane Tennis Club.

The Hartley Park Tennis club became the St Budeaux Tennis Club and still offers a public court for players as stipulated by Plymouth City Council back in the day. It's a win-win situation. The little wooden hut did not survive as new clubhouses have been built on both sites. Hill Lane Tennis Club was originally set up as a juniors only club to be run by under eighteens and parents had restricted access! Today the club's adult and junior players and parents are welcome on both sites!