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Tennis and Bowls at The Barclays

1930s home movie of a tennis party with the Salter and Bird families at a country house in Norfolk.

Home movie 1934 4 mins Silent

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Fun times for the Salter and the Bird families from Norwich, who enjoy a game of tennis and a game of bowls at a Norfolk country house in this home movie footage captured in the 1930s.

Mrs Bird is a life-long resident of Norwich who brought a collection of family films to the East Anglian Film Archive in the early 1990s. The films in the collection were shot by her father, Guy Salter, her mother and later by Mrs Bird herself. Her father bought the camera, a Cine Kodak, in Rochester New York, whilst on a business trip for Colmans in the early 1930s. Guy Salter had entered the firm of Colman's as an accountant and was to leave it as the Chairman many years later.