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Summer Holiday

Join the Carrey family as they entertain each other during a summer adventure around the north of Ireland.

Home movie 1961 8 mins Silent

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This beach hopping home movie invites you to traverse Ireland’s north coast with the Carrey family. Share in their joy as the family play to the camera, skipping with seaweed and clambering over rocks. From the sandy beach at Waterfoot to a windy stop in Donegal, every place is a chance to entertain each other. As the film ends take a last look at Larne and wave farewell for another year as the ferry takes the family back to Stranraer.

If you enjoyed this film you can join another generation of the Carrey family 22 years earlier on their holidays during the last summer before World War II. This film is courtesy of the Carrey Family it features Carrickfergus Castle, the Carrickfergus Amateur Rowing Club (CARC), Portmuck and the parliament buildings at Stormont.