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Greenisland Rock

What has the youth of Greenisland turning Ted? Meet the people reliving the 1950s in the outskirts of 1980s Belfast.

Documentary 1982 22 mins

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This Spence Brothers documentary gives an enjoyable glimpse into a family reviving the Teddy boy culture in 1980’s Northern Ireland. Follow John ‘the Ted’ as he shows you where to get the records, clothes and learn the essential moves, all in the outskirts of Belfast. Then meet the other committed members of Greenisland’s Junior Rock ‘n’ Roll society dedicated to this bygone era.

Twin brothers Roy and Noel Spence have been making films like this for over fifty years; with subjects including crafty leprechauns, creatures from outer space, fifties rock 'n' rollers and the undead. You can enjoy many of these fantastical creations on BFI player. This film is courtesy of Roy Spence and is held in the Irish Film Archive.