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Streets Ahead

Miracle urban renewal and redevelopment in Victorian Newtown, Exeter.

Instructional film/TV programme 1970 20 mins


This jovial government instructional film takes a look at some of the ground-breaking council initiatives for urban renewal and regeneration in the Newtown district of Exeter - an area riddled with run-down Victorian terraces and poor amenities. Arguing against inflicting wholesale redevelopment, this film is a manifesto for community-orientated upgrades to housing, services and transport.

The film was made for the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (via the Central Office of Information) by World Wide Pictures - a production outfit whose origins stem from the early days of the British documentary movement. This government film is a public record, preserved and presented by the BFI National Archive on behalf of The National Archives, home to more than 1,000 years of British history.