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Steel Men Talking No.1 and No.2

Bill Jones, "a worker, like Tom, Dick & Harry", puts the Conservative case against the nationalisation of the steel industry.

Party political broadcast 1949 5 mins Silent


No-nonsense steelworker Bill Jones presents this propaganda film made for the Conservative Party to promote their argument against the nationalisation of steel, which was proposed by the Labour government of the time. Despite the best efforts of the Conservative opposition, the Iron and Steel Corporation of Great Britain was established in 1949. The majority of steel companies became state-owned, however the steel industry has never been completely nationalised.

The Conservative Party has been involved in filmmaking since the 1920s, when they set up their own production company to help influence public opinion. The Conservative and Unionist Film Association was particularly active in the 1930s, making films supporting the national government, one featuring the comic Stanley Holloway. John Grierson, regarded as the father of British documentary, was reportedly impressed with their propaganda organisation.