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Signs of the Times No.2

A Technicolor magazine treat with movie stars, make-up and handy hints, promoting popular products of the day.

Advert 1950 5 mins Silent


Gaze upon the Technicolor beauty of 1950s Britain as we peep behind the scenes at actress Jean Kent’s new bath time luxury, where we learn that 9 out of 10 film stars prefer Lux soap. There are handy baking tips on adding cherries to a cake mixture. Wisk washing powder is put to the test and Maureen Dyson (nee Gardner), who had jointly smashed the hurdle world record at the 1948 London Olympics, loosens up for a demonstration of hurdling with grace and speed. Finally, costume designer Julie Harris is seen selecting fabrics, drawing a blueprint and giving instruction. The completed dress is fitted to a model as Harris endorses drinking Horlicks as a nightcap.