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Shooting of Dan McGrew - Day Trips for Hikers

The wackier side of Eltham appears in this beserk double-bill complete with guns, gods, car chases, soggy picnics, loads of booze and snogging

Amateur film 1937 12 mins Silent

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John P Howard's crazy double-bill starts with a shooting at a card game. The felon escapes by car as a boozy policeman gives chase. Escaping from jail, the killer is pursued by a pair of G-men. All are shot and go to heaven. Here, the gun-toting baddie usurps God's throne before order is restored. Then we see hapless hikers on a rural ramble. They have no tin-opener and beer gets spilt all over their picnic. Feeling frisky the couples start snogging but are chased by an angry yokel.

The producer of The Shooting of Dan McGrew, John P Howard, appears in the film as 'Ye Loopy Cop' according to the opening titles, while John Bryden, who plays one of the G-Men, directed the comic film which follows, Day Trips for Hikers.