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From the decade that style forgot comes this bonkers comedy which shows the qualities ladies must look for in any prospective husband

Amateur film 1971 5 mins

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The ladies of the North Downs Cinematograph Society have fun with this film which starts with a woman reading a report listing the qualities required of a prospective husband. Vignettes show good and bad examples of men of various ages, fitness and wealth. Ideal men have to look after children, not gossip, not laze about the house and come to the table when they're called. While worn body parts can be replaced what the ideal husband must have, in the end, is a huge amount of cash.

The North Downs Cine Society was based in the Reigate and Redhill area of Surrey and produced a wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction films from 1928 to 1981. However, in that latter year the Cine Society folded though a small number of members went on to form the North Downs Film Unit, which is today represented by Frank Brindley Laitwood.