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An Asian woman engages her inner goddess to create a stunning oasis in a grey tower block.

Drama 1992 14 mins


A rhythmic beat punctuates a solitary Asian woman’s life as she engages her inner goddess to turn trash into treasure. She creates a stunning oasis in a grey tower block, challenging daily life on the estate, and is confronted by a hostile resident. Played by real life artist and activist Sheba Chhachhi, this solitary figure reveals her inner conflicts through her recycled artworks, which becomes a metaphor for radical self-renewal.

Why is she living on her own? Is she a divorcee or a widow? Where did she learn these skills and does she even eat? The tiny council flat is transformed into a gallery for her personal journey. Her inner peace and conflicts, played out through the canvas of her present life and a past that is only glimpsed at in the many artefacts within this most private of spaces.