Great British Asians

A collection of significant British Asian works curated by the Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival. 

Now in its 12th year, the Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival is the UK's premier showcase for South Asian films in the UK. Here, the festival selecs a selection of British Asian classics from the BFI National Archive, illustrating the diverse experiences of British Asians and some of the key filmmakers from the community. 

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The Sheep ThiefThe Sheep Thief

Road movie199725 mins

An adolescent criminal finds redemption when he meets and helps a young mother and her family.

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Skin DeepSkin Deep

Drama200115 mins Location: London

A young Pakistani man tries to pass as white and hang out with a group of racist skinheads

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London Me BharatLondon Me Bharat

Drama197220 mins Location: London

Stylishly-shot document of multicultural 1970s London among Southall's Asian community.

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Drama199214 mins

An Asian woman engages her inner goddess to create a stunning oasis in a grey tower block.

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Ugandan Asians at Houndstone CampUgandan Asians at Houndstone Camp

News19727 mins Location: Yeovil

Ugandan Asian refugees face up to a sudden wintery future.

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No Virginity, No NationalityNo Virginity, No Nationality

Drama-documentary198115 mins

Satirical docu-drama based on the shocking fact that virginity tests were carried out by the home office on Asian girls arriving from India and Pakistan between 1971-1979.

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Latifah and Himli's Nomadic UncleLatifah and Himli's Nomadic Uncle

Drama199215 mins Location: Westminster

Alnoor Dewshi's clever, charming and illuminating film about two cousins who discuss ideas of culture and history while wandering through London.

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Pakistani March, Bradford April 1979Pakistani March, Bradford April 1979

Non-Fiction197913 minsSilent Location: Bradford

Passions run high as the Pakistani community in Bradford take to the streets in angry protest against the execution of former Pakistan Prime Minister Ali Bhutto by General Zia.

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Lord Mayor at Asian "Do" at St. George's HallLord Mayor at Asian "Do" at St. George's Hall

Non-Fiction19729 minsSilent Location: Bradford

Quite possibly the first Indian concert to be put on in a theatre in Bradford, with striking classical Indian dancing and musical instruments.

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Surviving SabuSurviving Sabu

Drama199716 mins

A budding gay filmmaker clashes with his conservative Muslim father as they work on a film about iconic Indian star Sabu

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Home From HomeHome From Home

Documentary197622 mins Location: Newport/Casnewydd

Iraqi coffee, Welsh songs, the hokey-cokey: ingredients of a multicultural church social, Newport but Yousaf Ali from Pakistan still has to choose to be “western” or “eastern”.

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A Love SupremeA Love Supreme

200110 minsSilent

A homage to the director's mother, mistress of the art of making samosas

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