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Search & Rescue Service - RAF Valley Anglesey

Where would the lost, injured or reckless be without the search and rescue service? A film to educate the public and celebrate the providers.

Public Information Filler 1975 2 mins

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If it gets to the point when you are climbing up cliffs and you have to say to your companion, as one of the boys in this film does, “I don’t think I can quite make it”, either up or down, that is when you will be hugely grateful to members of the RAF Valley Search & Rescue service who are always ready to look for and save the reckless, the unlucky and the injured. You may spare a thought, too, for the good citizens who know that such a service can be contacted by telephone in an emergency.

This film was produced by the Central Office of Information [COI] and, like numerous other of their public information films, aims to encourage people to be good citizens (i.e. being aware of when other people require help, knowing how to get the required help and being willing to spend the time obtaining it) and to suggest that they do not take undue risks. It also celebrates the commitment and skills of the search and rescue service (now known as SARF – RAF Search and Rescue Force – its headquarters at RAF Valley, Holyhead, Anglesey).