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Helicopter to the Skerries, Xmas 1960

Even holly is helicoptered over to The Skerries, off Anglesey, to ensure that the three lighthouse keepers can deck their “hall” at Xmas.

Non-Fiction 1960 3 mins

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Holly for The Skerries Lighthouse keepers, and other essential Christmas supplies, arrive from RAF Valley, courtesy of Flight Lt. Braybrook of No. 22 Squadron (Search and Rescue). All such visits became unecessary in September 1987, however, when the lighthouse became fully automated after an unbroken 273 years of keepers tending the light 24 hours a day.

David E Sutcliffe lived on Anglesey and was a freelance cameraman, working for e.g. the BBC as a stringer (i.e. he was their man on the spot, who would provide footage of any noteworthy local event or activity as required). He filmed this footage for United Press Movietone TV, which supplied news worldwide from the UK every day. At a later date, he added a commentary of his own to the footage, complete with shot of him as presenter, for use in the film screenings he undertook on a regular basis in village halls etc.