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Running Film

A London park and artist Welsby runs repeatedly into frame and off into the distance.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1973 4 mins


A London park and artist Chris Welsby runs repeatedly into frame and off into the distance; his actions contrast with the more leisurely activities of others passing by. The camera remained stationary at shooting and a hand-clap to synchronise sound at the start of each take is not edited out. The piece has the appearance of a film loop but it becomes clear that it is a series of different takes.

Running Film was shot in Kensington Gardens on a windy day. Each shot last ten seconds and Welsby ran as fast as he could. Artist and experimental filmmaker Chris Welsby has explored the possibilities and parameters of landscape filmmaking for over forty years, first shooting on 16mm, later working in HD and also making installations. His films follow specific pre-determined structures which establish the parameters for the shape of the film whilst allowing chance elements to take their effect.