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National and Country Dancing

Want to learn to dance the Swedish Masquerade, Dutch Hakke Toone, or maybe the Italian Tarantella? Essex schoolchildren show us how it’s done.

School programme and Educational film 1952 14 mins

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An educational film intended for schoolchildren to learn the national dance of many countries which can be used as a form of exercise in P.E. classes. Jolly music accompanies the teenager’s demos of a range of steps that form the basis of each dance. The children waltz, polka, hopsa, skip, and twirl around the school hall as the commentator explains the peculiarities of each of these social dances.

English and Scottish Country Dancing, the Dutch Hakke Toone, Italian Tarantella and the Swedish Masquerade are all covered. Produced by the Essex County Film Service in collaboration with the organisers of physical education.