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Royal Silver Jubilee 1935 - Cardiff

Yards of bunting have been put up in Cardiff to celebrate King George V’s 25 years on the throne and the Wade home in Park Place has its share.

Home movie 1935 15 mins Silent

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Surgeon James O D Wade's family is well placed to view Cardiff's Jubilee procession on 11/5/1935 as they live in Park Place – no. 25 – and the procession passes right by their bunting-clad house. Members of the family/household are seen on the balconies and at windows, hoping to glimpse the Prince of Wales who was representing the monarch of 25 years, King George V. Mr Wade's sons – all 4 of whom entered the medical profession – are seen riding and on the beach with lively terrier.

Park Place was, at the time, the Harley Street of Cardiff. The Wade’s next door neighbours, the Owens at number 24, were also a medical family. They all had bunting but the Western Mail refers to a shortage of such decorative material on 3/5/1935, manufacturers and suppliers in Cardiff unable to accept orders from London – which was desperately seeking bunting - for lack of raw material and the 100% rise in the cost of what little was still available. Cardiff, however, was well be-decked and gave the prince an action-packed 5 hours, including the viewing of a Pageant of Welsh Industries outside City Hall and a visit to the Festival of Youth at Cardiff Arms Park plus, of course, a good lunch and tea.