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Queen at Wilton

Pure chemistry for the first visit of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to the gigantic industrial plant at ICI Wilton

Documentary 1956 8 mins

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ICI at Wilton basks in a prestigious visit from the new Queen and Prince Philip, Union Jacks out in force. Sir Alexander Fleck escorts the royal couple past an exhibition of wonderful mid-century inventions in plastics and synthetic fibres manufactured at the new Wilton site, and into the Terylene plant (the cameras unable to follow). A double-take may be in order for the Queen as she drives past ICIs Piccadilly Circus on her way to more Teesside engagements.

This ICI Film Unit record of Queen Elizabeths visit presents an opportunity for some shameless product promotion, a royal endorsement for ICI enterprise that could be screened for international corporate clients and also instil pride in their workers.