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Governor's Notebook 1

An unforgettable day for Lady Wakehurst as the glamorous new monarch delights the crowds at Stormont

Amateur film 1953 2 mins Silent

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Join the royal couple as they arrive at the seat of power in Northern Ireland. Can you spot Lord Wakehurst with his splendid white plumes amongst the colourful officials? Admire the regal spadework as the new monarch bestows a tree to the majestic grounds of Stormont. See the smile that made Lady Wakehurst marvel at how the Queen manages to appear ‘so happily’ after a hectic schedule with the Stormont government. There is no hint of the tensions that would shadow future visits.

John de Vere, 2nd Baron Wakehurst (1895-1970) was Governor of Northern Ireland from 1952-1964. Throughout his life he was a prolific filmmaker who used his privileged access to capture historic moments in glorious colour. These are previously unseen colour rushes from A Governor’s Notebook. The finished film was released in black and white. It is a personal record of scenes that Lord and Lady Wakehurst like to remember from their time in Northern Ireland. During the Royal visit Lord Wakehurst declared a public holiday to encourage as many people as possible to come out and see the new Queen with Prince Phillip. These scenes are a stark contrast to the tight security of future visits.