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Naturists at Pilchard Cove

Locals and Strete Parish Council align to strip nude bathing rights.

Current affairs 1961 4 mins

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Complaints have come in about Pilchard Cove possibly because of the far end being a meeting place for the gay community, still a risky business in 1961. In the late fifties and early sixties the fight to decriminalise homosexuality is stepped up but attitudes are slow to change even with the advent of a more sexually free society. Naturists use this section of beach and locals and Strete Parish Council are concerned about the complaints and have agreed to take a closer look.

The beach at Pilchard Cove in Devon to the north of Slapton Sands Nature Reserve has been an unofficial nudist beach since the 1930s. A landslip has made Pilchard Cove harder to reach and most settle for the nether regions of Slapton Sands. Freikoerperkultur or FKK meaning Free Body Culture is a German movement endorsing a naturistic approach to life combining nature and nudity. FKK resorts exist around the world and other European countries have a liberal approach to public nudity. Naturism in Britain has been occasionally sexualised by some sections of the media but social nudity has no direct relationship to either sexuality or sex. The naturists enjoy the health benefits of nude sun and sea bathing.