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Lord Roberts Hoisting the Union Jack at Pretoria

A triumphant moment in the Boer War

Non-Fiction 1900 2 mins Silent


Celebrations in Church Square, Pretoria, as a final victory for the British forces over the Boers is at last in sight. The distant camera positions give us a sense of the scale of the occasion, but frustratingly hide the detail. In particular, the 'hoisting' shot promised in the title is missing (it was presumably originally the first shot).

That said, the flag probably wasn't much to look at in the first place. The Warwick Trading Company catalogue notes that it was very small and "only just visible", being not an official flag but one made for the General by his wife to be used on just such an occasion. Anyone seeking a more impressive victory flag should see Dickson's (allegedly staged) version of a similar event, Bloemfontein: Unfurling the Flag - also available on BFI Player.