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Local Cinema Advertisements - Blaenau Ffestiniog and Merthyr

Who could deny these advertising claims: "Attractive hair is the ambition of every woman", and "Your family will enjoy Lincoln potatoes"?

Advert 1942 7 mins Silent

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"Delightful results in all hair styles" are promised if you visit Blaenau's Sadie Snape. Dry cleaning will protect your old suits which, "like old friends are best", and Porthmadog's laundry service will rescue women from wash day blues. On the downside, there is a warning about incendiary bombs (you are requested to leave the cinema if one penetrates the building) and a government message urging all females to read ‘Hygiene for Women'. To finish: Merthyr's pantomime.

Youngers are known to have produced advertisements for cinemas across Britain.