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Learning to Swim

In a time of uncertainty, Ingrid welcomes a Syrian refugee into her home and finds hope.

Short documentary 2017 11 mins


A moving glimpse into the quiet world of an ordinary English town in Surrey where a group of people have formed their own practical and positive response to the enormity of the refugee crisis. Ahmed is a refugee from Syria. Separated from family and friends and far from home he must put the past behind him. Ingrid and her son Ross have welcomed him into their home, but as they support Ahmed in his efforts to find a new life they find themselves on an unexpectedly rewarding and life-affirming journey.

Whilst many simply watched in horror as events unfolded, others in towns and villages all across the UK have worked energetically to raise money, collect supplies and clothing to send to camps on the frontline. Some have even taken refugees into their own homes, offering them food, shelter and support. They are determined to show that despite the climate of fear there is room for refugees in the UK and they are welcome here.